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V A L E N C I A - Las Fallas

Ready for Valencia!
The first stop, to have some chill
Bus 4

We are close to the City of Art and Sciences part of Valencia, the most famous modern-futuristic architectures in Spain!
Where are we?
Want some sangria? Yeeeeees!
Happy faces after 5 hour travelling
Smiling group

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

Left: Palau de les Arts, right: L'Hemisferic is an IMAX cinema where everyone lies almost horizontally on the floor to watch a wide range of 3D films.
Museum of Sciences

Loca gente
The Fallas is the biggest annual Valencian celebration. It is a world famous street party, a spectacular celebration of Valencian tradition for the locals and an enormous cosmopolitan festival for the visitors. Originally, in the middle ages, the Fallas-Sculptures were just a pile of old junk that got burned after the winter. Then people began having fun - dressing the junk into old clothes, drawing faces on it and engaging in satire.
Churros place

Street faces
 Falla Infantil : Falla for children, stories about animals, cartoons...

Beautiful womens walking around the streets in their traditional costumes. These costumes mean a lot to these people. The cheapest dress you will see on the street will cost around 1500 euros.

Lots of people chillin'

Ilke with bubbles
Small princess


La Lonja de la Seda:  Built in the beginning of XVI century, La Lonja (Silk Exchange) is the real emblem of the Golden Age of Valencia - the times when this city was one Europe's main cultural and economic centres - and this is precisely why La Lonja was built.
Orange garden inside: Is it a sign?

The first two floors were the main function rooms, with the upper one hosting a richly decorated ceiling - a masterpiece of medieval art which had the King ride out of the capital just to see it. 


Hey look at me!
Lets eat something, Paella?
Hungry people

Lovely details

Crazy finnish girls
Bullring-Plaza de Toros
Walking and walking all day long, the streets are full of people, and light, they never sleeping :)
Fireworks------Byebye Valenciaaaaa!

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