2012. február 29., szerda

Viva la fiesta

Lobos girl :)
 Nice patterns again
 Peeeping Tom 

 All the time Carnaval!
 It's an ordinary day
 Little square at Barceloneta

26th of February was the first warmest day: 18 Celsius!!!
 With Fáni
 Nice forms
 Hola Friends!
 Stayin' alive

At  Buenas Migas, love this chocolate cake
 This is definitely Fáni's Bar 
 Ordinary people 
28th of February, visiting the most bigger and beautiful parc of Barcelona
 Little lake, where you can rent a boat and have some romantic moment
 The Cascada fountain
 Just a two of us

 Left there is the geological museum
 We had a small picnic with Roger and March
 and Alexandra :)
 Strange trees
 The Parliament

 The way to Arc de Triomf, the Triumphal Arch

 Nice railway station, so amazing building
 On the way home, at Parc Gaudí, the old guys having some fun
 Playing petanque
heheh such a funny bag holders :)

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