2012. február 22., szerda

In the Name of Textiles

 Let's start working, here is the preparing before making the Moodboard for our fashion concept in ESDI, we have to work together and find a title of our concept
 Consulting with the teacher
 The team
 Esdi has a huge fabric palette, we can find the samples of the fabric we want to use for our collection
 On the way to the Textile Expo, they are really work hard!
 This is the big congress palace of Catalonia
 International Textile Salon
 I wish i could buy one of these super trend-books but they were sooo expensive, each of them about 130 Euros...
 Simple i like it
 Checking the fabrics
 Woooow some feather stuff
 Emma, Sara, Marta, Paty - The Team
 Such a strange but cute lamp with wings :)
 Emma and me just took el menú del día at El Racón
 Yes im gonna send some :)
 OH i forgot it! There was a fabric, called: SARAH :)
 We went to Cosmo art gallery and coffe bar, and checked the fresh exhibition

 Lion with cube head
 Emma is dreaming
Logo of Cosmo :)

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